About Us

Our Development Philosophy

  • We believe sustainable development comes from within.
  • Our processes are rooted within an Asset Based Community Development paradigm.
  • Our values guide our practise: Integrity and honesty; Respect and caring; Discipline and good work ethic; Courage; Humility; Loyalty; Lifelong learning.
  • We understand that “to go far, we go together”.


Health Testing Services (HTS): HIV Testing and Counseling, TB and STI Screening
                                                       & Basic Eye Care;

Asset-based Community-driven Development (ABCD): ABCD introductions and training,
                                                       Projects & small businesses, Siya Sonke – Project.



Siya Sonke – We are going together: Asset-based Citizen-driven Development with families:

    • Project cycle: January 2017 – June 2021 ( Project Leader: Nomaxabiso Fani)
    • Project Progress Report 2019
    • Funders: DG Murray Trust, Ikhala Trust & Emthonjeni Trust
    • Donations in kind: Diocesan School for Girls and Math Society (Rhodes University) – volunteering for tutoring with Siya Sonke children and youth  (Buddy’s Club & Study Club)
    • Project Partners: 40 families (46 adults and 43 children & youth) and their social networks (950 children and youth & 50 adults) per year
    • Project Composition: A) Child – and Youth Development (Siya Sonke children and youth), B) Capacity Building, Entrepreneurial Development (Siya Sonke adults)

 Khanya – Health Prevention and Assertiveness Skills with Teenagers and Youth:

  • Project cycle: July 2019 – May 2020
  • Funders: SECMA, Scottish Episcopal Church Global Partnerships Committee, Emthonjeni Trust
  • Project Partners: Local High Schools with over 900 learners from Grade 8 to Grade 12

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